Must try Local Cuisine in Hungary

Must try Local Cuisine in Hungary

Local Food and Cuisine in Hungary

Hungaryis known for its delicious and unique cuisine, with flavors influenced by a variety of cultures. From traditional Hungarian dishes to modern interpretations of classic recipes, there is something for everyone to enjoy in Hungary’s incredible culinary landscape. With an abundance of fresh produce, creative chefs and flavorful spices, it’s no wonder that the food in Hungary has been delighting locals and visitors alike for centuries!

There are so many things types of amazing food in Hungary, Europe we couldn’t list them all but we want to highlight 5 popular dishes from Hungary to give you a feel of what to expect. If you think we have missed anything major or if your favourite local food is not in the list let us know and we would be happy to add it to our travel guide.

Popular Foods in Hungary

Goulash in Hungary – Goulash is a traditional Hungarian stew that is hearty, comforting and packed with flavor. It typically combines beef or pork with vegetables such as onions, carrots, peppers and potatoes in a rich tomato broth. When cooked for several hours over low heat, the flavors meld together to create an unforgettable medley of textures and tastes. The dish has been around since at least the 9th century when Hungarians used it as a way of preserving meat during long winters. Goulash is often served with crusty bread or boiled spaetzle noodles. To make this classic dish your own you can add additional spices like garlic powder or paprika for extra depth of flavor.

Chicken Paprikash in Hungary – is a Hungarian comfort food that is loved around the world. It’s made with tender chicken, chopped onion and garlic simmered in a creamy paprika-flavored sauce. The traditional recipe includes bell peppers or tomatoes for added flavor and texture. This dish has been enjoyed in Hungary since the 1800s, but it has become popular throughout Europe as well as other countries like America and Australia. Chicken Paprikash is always served over egg noodles or mashed potatoes to soak up all of the delicious flavors from the creamy sauce. Its savory taste will have you wanting more!

Fried Cabbage and Noodles in Hungary – is a type of bread made with rye flour. It has been around for centuries and is especially popular in Central, Eastern Europe, and Scandinavia. Rye bread has a dense texture and slightly sour flavor that many people enjoy. This hearty grain is high in dietary fiber, which makes it a nutritious choice for breakfast or lunch sandwiches or toast. The unique flavor of rye can also be used to elevate savory dishes like stews or soups by adding flavorful slices as a topping.

Stuffed Peppers in Hungary – is a classic dish that is popular in many countries around the world. This flavorful meal consists of bell peppers stuffed with ground beef, rice, onions and tomatoes. They are then baked until tender and golden brown. The result is an incredibly delicious dish that packs a punch of flavor with every bite! Stuffed Peppers have cultural significance as they originated from Mediterranean cuisine but can be found in various forms all over the globe. It’s easy to see why this beloved recipe has become firmly embedded into so many cultures – it simply tastes amazing! The juicy peppers combined with savory beef, aromatic herbs and fluffy rice creates an unforgettable taste sensation that will leave you wanting more.

Apple Strudel in Hungary – is a traditional Austrian delicacy that is composed of thin layers of pastry dough filled with sweet apples and spices. The flaky crust and soft, juicy apples combine to create a flavor explosion in your mouth. This dessert boasts an interesting history as it was created by the 16th century Habsburg court baker, who used the flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg, and lemon zest to enhance the sweetness of the apples. Apple Strudel has been cherished for centuries as a favorite treat among many cultures around the world. Its unique combination of tartness from the apple slices and spiciness from its seasonings make it absolutely delectable!


Weather Hungary

When booking a holiday in Hungary one of the main things to look at is what the weather will be like when you get there. Due to these common weather questions, we have created a separate page talking about what the Whats the weather like in Hungary?This included a month-by-month breakdown of what the weather is like and questions travellers have had regarding the climate.


After the weather and food, our attention normally turns to what is there to do in Hungary or what’s worth visiting. We have created a list of landmarks, places or interests and attractions to get your travel journey started – What tourist attractions are in or near Hungary?

Hotels in Hungary

Finally, after reading about Hungary’s weather, food, and tourist destinations, you might want to spend some time reading about the best hotels in Hungary. Hotel information is always changing so please let us know if any of our reviews need updating and please feel free to share your stories and reviews from hotels you visit in both Hungary to help others on their travels. Also, feel to check out our hotel map from to quickly find a hotel in Hungary

The Capitol of Hungary is ‘s capital city is Budapest.

When heading off to a country for the first time it’s always a good idea to read up on the capital city. and we have prepared a short guide about the captiol Budapest to get you started.

Stories and Reviews from Our Team/Clients in Hungary

Hungary is famous for its delicious cuisine, and I was eager to try some of the local dishes during my visit. First up on my list was gulyás, a traditional stew made with beef or lamb, potatoes, carrots and peppers. The flavors were so rich and deep – it was like tasting Hungary in a single bite!

I also had the chance to sample paprikash, a hearty dish made with chicken cooked in onion-garlic sauce flavored with sweet Hungarian paprika. It had just enough spice to give it an extra kick of flavor that really brought out the natural taste of the

Do you have a story to share about a visit to Budapest or Hungary? We would love to hear about it and add it here! Please feel free to comment at the bottom of this page or fill in our contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions About  Budapest, Hungary

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1. What traditional dishes can I find in Hungary?
– Hungary has some amazing traditional dishes that are a must-try during my visit! Hungarian cuisine is renowned for its hearty and filling stews, like goulash, beef stew and fish soup. Paprikash is another popular dish which features pieces of chicken or veal cooked in a creamy paprika sauce. Palacsinta are thin crepes filled with sweet or savory fillings – they make an excellent snack or dessert! And I can’t forget about the famous Hungarian langos – deep fried dough topped with sour cream, cheese and garlic. Yum!

2. Are there any unique ingredients used to make Hungarian food? – Yes, Hungarian food is known for using a variety of unique ingredients. Paprika is used to add flavor and spice to many dishes such as goulash or chicken paprikas. Sour cream is also commonly found in Hungarian recipes like palacsinta pancakes and dumplings. Other traditional ingredients include pork, onions, tomatoes, eggs, garlic, peppers and sauerkraut.

3. How spicy is Hungarian cuisine on average? – Hungarian cuisine is known for its bold flavors, and spice levels can vary from dish to dish. Some of the dishes I’ve tried have been mild with a hint of heat, while others have had a more intense kick to them! It really depends on which type of food you’re eating and how much paprika or other spices are used in it. Generally speaking, Hungarian cuisine has enough spiciness that you’ll definitely feel it but not so much that your mouth will be burning afterwards.

4. Is it easy to find vegetarian and vegan options in Hungary? – Yes, there are plenty of vegetarian and vegan options in Hungary. Many traditional Hungarian dishes have a vegetarian version, like goulash without the meat or cabbage rolls with mushrooms instead of pork. You can also find lots of delicious vegan-friendly foods such as vegetable soups, pastries filled with vegetables, potato pancakes and stuffed peppers. There are even some restaurants that specialize in plant-based cuisine!

5. Do Hungarians often use herbs or spices to enhance their dishes? ? – Yes, Hungarians often use herbs and spices to enhance the flavor of their dishes. Many traditional Hungarian dishes feature paprika, garlic, bay leaves, caraway seeds, dill and parsley. These flavors come together to create savory stews and flavorful soups that are sure to tantalize your taste buds!

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