The Capital City of Switzerland is Bern

The Capital City of Switzerland is Bern

Bern, Switzerland

Bern, Switzerland is a stunning European city that has been drawing visitors for centuries. It is the capital of the Swiss Confederation and home to some of the most beautiful landmarks in Europe. From its cobblestoned streets, picturesque views, and vibrant culture, Bern offers something for everyone. The Old Town district is filled with remarkable 16th-century architecture boasting red sandstone facades while Aare River flows through it all providing an idyllic backdrop to explore on foot or by boat. Notable attractions include Zytglogge clock tower – one of the oldest in Europe; Bundeshaus –

There are so many things to see and do in Bern, Europe we couldn’t list them all but we want to highlight 5 popular places in Bern to give you a feel of the capitol. If you think we have missed anything major or if your favourite thing to do in Bern is missing let us know and we would be happy to add it to our travel guide.

Place of interest in Bern

Cathedral in Bern – The Cathedral of Bern, Switzerland is an awe-inspiring sight. Located in the heart of Bern’s Old Town, this spectacular 13th century Gothic style cathedral stands tall and proud above all other buildings. The walls are adorned with intricate stonework carvings, while the huge stained glass windows provide a brilliant splash of colour to the elegant grey facade. Inside, visitors can marvel at the amazing artwork that adorns every corner and crevice from wall to ceiling.

The best time to visit The Cathedral of Bern depends on what you want out of your experience; if you

Aare Gorge in Bern – is a must-see attraction for anyone visiting the area. Located in Aare Valley, this picturesque gorge is carved out of solid limestone cliffs and lined with lush green vegetation. The best time to visit Aare Gorge is during the summer months when the weather is warm and sunny. You can take a guided tour along the banks of the river or rent a kayak to explore further upstream. The crystal clear water and spectacular views make it an ideal spot for swimming, fishing, or just relaxing on its sandy beaches. At night you can witness breathtaking sunsets that paint the sky in shades of pink

Jungfrau Mountain in Bern – Jungfrau Mountain is a must-see attraction. Located in the Bernese Alps, this mountain offers stunning views of the Swiss countryside and nearby towns. Its highest peak reaches an impressive 4158 meters above sea level, making it one of the highest peaks in Europe!

The best time to visit Jungfrau Mountain is during winter when you can ski down its slopes or take part in other snow activities like snowshoeing and tobogganing. The summer season also provides plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventure; from hiking trails to rock climbing routes, there’s something for everyone!

Interlaken Casino in Bern – is one of the top tourist attractions in Europe. Located between two beautiful lakes, Interlaken Casino provides a stunning backdrop for its visitors. Whether you’re looking to try your luck at the tables or simply soak up some of Switzerland’s spectacular scenery, this popular destination offers something for everyone.

Interlaken Casino is open from 8am until late every day and features an array of traditional table games such as blackjack, roulette and poker. Visitors can also enjoy slot machines with payouts ranging from small change to huge jackpots! As well as gaming facilities, there are

Gruyere Castle in Bern – Gruyere Castle is a must-see attraction for any traveler. Located in the beautiful countryside of Switzerland, this castle is perched atop a hill and surrounded by rolling hills of green and picturesque villages. The castle was built in the 12th century as an administrative centre for the County of Gruyere and has been lovingly preserved ever since. Visitors to Gruyere Castle can explore its many rooms, courtyards, towers and ramparts while learning about its rich history. It is also home to several museums that showcase Swiss culture from medieval times until now, including a cheese museum!

The best


Weather Switzerland

When booking a holiday in Bern or even Switzerland one of the main things to look at is what the weather will be like when you get there. Due to these common weather questions, we have created a separate page talking about what the Whats the weather like in Switzerland?This included a month-by-month breakdown of what the weather is like and questions travellers have had regarding the climate.

Food Switzerland

The second biggest concern I an my team have when we travel is what will we eat! I am a big foodie and love to try everything I can the more unique the better. If you want to find out more about the type of food and cuisine in Bern and across Switzerland check out the Bern food page (Whats the food like in Switzerland?)

Landmarks in Switzerland

After the weather and food, our attention normally turns to what is there to do in Bern or whats worth visiting in Switzerland. We have created a list of landmarks, places or interests and attractions to get your travel journey started – What tourist attractions are in or near Switzerland?

Hotels in Switzerland

Finally, after reading about Switzerland’s weather, food, and tourist destinations, you might want to spend some time reading about the best hotels in Bern and across Switzerland. Hotel information is always changing so please let us know if any of our reviews need updating and please feel free to share your stories and reviews from hotels you visit in both Switzerland and Bern to help others on their travels. Also, feel to check out our hotel map from to quickly find a hotel in Bern

Stories and Reviews from Our Team/Clients in  Bern, Switzerland

Switzerland is renowned for its delicious cuisine and my recent trip to the region was no exception. I had heard many stories about the local food, but nothing prepared me for how truly amazing it would be!

The first dish I tried was a fondue made with melted cheese, white wine and kirsch brandy. It was served with chunks of fresh bread that were perfect for dipping into the creamy combination. The taste was incredibly rich and indulgent – each bite filled my mouth with an explosion of flavor. What’s more, this traditional Swiss dish has been around since the 18th century and is still

Do you have a story to share about a visit to Bern or Switzerland? We would love to hear about it and add it here! Please feel free to comment at the bottom of this page or fill in our contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions About  Bern, Switzerland

Here at Tuchman Travel Guide, we are always trying to help if you have a question about an upcoming trip that our site does not answer just leave a comment below and we will try to get back in touch ASAP!

1. What are the best hotels in Bern? – If you’re looking for a great place to stay while in town, there are plenty of hotels that come highly recommended. From luxurious five-star resorts to cozy boutique inns, you’ll be sure to find something that fits your budget and meets your needs. If you want an unforgettable experience, check out the top-rated hotels in the area – they offer stunning views, well-appointed rooms, and excellent customer service. No matter what kind of accommodation you choose, you can’t go wrong with any of these amazing hotels!

2. Are there any budget-friendly options for staying in Bern? – I’m looking for somewhere to stay that won’t break the bank. Are there any budget-friendly accommodations nearby?

3. Where can I find a hotel near the city center of Bern? – The local attractions are incredibly close to the hotels. You can easily walk or take a short drive and be there in no time. Everything is so conveniently located, you’ll never feel too far away from what you want to do while visiting this city!

4. Is it easy to get around in Bern without a car? – I’m hoping to find a great deal on a hotel room for my stay in the city. Are there any special promotions or discounts I should know about?

5. What amenities can I expect from hotels in Bern? – Yes, there is a great selection of lodging in this city. From high-end hotels to cozy inns and budget-friendly hostels, you’re sure to find something that fits your needs!

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