Landmarks, Attractions and Places of Interest in Republic of Ireland

Landmarks, Attractions and Places of Interest in Republic of Ireland

What to visit in Republic of Ireland

is a wonderful place to visit, with plenty of things to do and see. From its stunning natural beauty, rich culture and history, you’re sure to find something that appeals to your interests. The Emerald Isle has some of the most beautiful landmarks in Europe – from ancient castles and abbeys, to towering cliffs along the wild Atlantic coast. There’s also plenty of activities for those who love exploring nature such as hiking or cycling through lush green countryside. As well as historical attractions like Dublin Castle or Newgrange Passage Tomb in County Meath, there are many places of interest such as the Guinness

There are so many things to see and do in Republic of Ireland, Europe we couldn’t list them all but we want to highlight 5 popular places in Republic of Ireland to give you a feel of the country. If you think we have missed anything major or if your favourite thing to do in Republic of Ireland is missing let us know and we would be happy to add it to our travel guide.

Place of interest in Dublin

Cliffs of Moher in Republic of Ireland – Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher in the Republic of Ireland are an awe-inspiring sight to behold. Standing up to 214 meters (702 feet) at their highest point, they offer spectacular views over the Atlantic Ocean and surrounding countryside. The cliffs stretch for 8 kilometers (5 miles) along the western coast of County Clare, making them one of Ireland’s most popular tourist attractions.

If you’re visiting during summertime, you’ll get to experience a beautiful sun-filled day with no shortage of activities available around the area such as hiking trails and boat tours that bring visitors closer to

Blarney Castle in Republic of Ireland – Blarney Castle is an incredible natural wonder situated in Northern Ireland, near the town of Bushmills. This UNESCO World Heritage Site consists of more than 40,000 basalt columns stretching along the coast. The causeway was named after a mythical Irish giant who constructed it as a bridge to Scotland. Visitors can explore this remarkable landscape and take in its majestic beauty any time throughout the year.

The best time to visit Giant’s Causeway is during summer when days are longer and temperatures are milder. During this season you can also catch amazing sunsets over the sea that will leave you speechless!

Giant’s Causeway in Republic of Ireland – Giant’s Causeway

The Rock of Cashel, or St. Patrick’s Rock as it is sometimes called, is a fascinating and stunning landmark located in County Tipperary, Ireland. It’s an ancient fortress that sits atop an isolated limestone outcrop which was the traditional seat of the Kings of Munster for hundreds of years up until the 12th century. The spectacular buildings still standing on this site today include a round tower, an impressive gothic cathedral and several other medieval structures all surrounded by a defensive wall complete with towers and gates.
The best time to visit this historic attraction would

Dublin Castle in Republic of Ireland – Stari Grad (Old Town) the cliffs. Bird watchers will also have an unforgettable time spotting some of the local bird species like guillemots, kittiwakes and razorbills that call these cliffs their home.

In the evening, you can watch a beautiful sunset near the Cliffs of Moher’s O’Brien’s Tower, which was built in 1835 to help visitors get a better vantage point from which to admire the area’s natural beauty. It is definitely worth visiting during this time for its remarkable views as well as for experiencing Ireland’s unique culture and hospitality up close.

Rock of Cashel. in Republic of Ireland -Rock of Cashel.

At the causeway, you can also find a visitor’s center with an interactive exhibition about its history and geology. You can learn all about the formation of this extraordinary landscape along with interesting legends that surround it. There is even a café at the center where you can enjoy some refreshments after your exploration!

The causeway is easily accessible by car or public transport from Bushmills. It’s also within a short drive away from Belfast so if you are visiting Northern Ireland it’s definitely worth paying a visit to this magnificent site. Whether you’re looking for


Weather Republic of Ireland

When booking a holiday in Republic of Ireland one of the main things to look at is what the weather will be like when you get there. Due to these common weather questions, we have created a separate page talking about what the Whats the weather like in Republic of Ireland?This included a month-by-month breakdown of what the weather is like and questions travellers have had regarding the climate.

Food Republic of Ireland

The second biggest concern I and my team have when we travel is what will we eat! I am a big foodie and love to try everything I can the more unique the better. If you want to find out more about the type of food and cuisine in Republic of Ireland check out the food page (Whats the food like in Republic of Ireland?)

Hotels in Republic of Ireland

Finally, after reading about Republic of Ireland’s weather, food, and tourist destinations, you might want to spend some time reading about the best hotels in Republic of Ireland. Hotel information is always changing so please let us know if any of our reviews need updating and please feel free to share your stories and reviews from hotels you visit in both Republic of Ireland to help others on their travels. Also, feel to check out our hotel map from to quickly find a hotel in Republic of Ireland

The Capitol of Republic of Ireland is Dublin

When heading off to a country for the first time it’s always a good idea to read up on the capital city. and we have prepared a short guide about the captiol Dublin to get you started.

Stories and Reviews from Our Team/Clients in Republic of Ireland

Republic of Ireland is a delightful place to visit, and its food is no exception. I recently had the opportunity to visit this beautiful country and explore the local cuisine.

I was amazed by how varied the Irish food scene is – from traditional dishes like stew or bacon and cabbage, to more modern fare like fish ‘n’ chips or Indian-style curries. But what really made my experience unique was trying some of their local specialties!

One of my favorites was Boxty – a potato-based dish that’s served either as a savory pancake, or fried in

Do you have a story to share about a visit to Dublin or Republic of Ireland? We would love to hear about it and add it here! Please feel free to comment at the bottom of this page or fill in our contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions About  Dublin, Republic of Ireland

Here at Tuchman Travel Guide, we are always trying to help if you have a question about an upcoming trip that our site does not answer just leave a comment below and we will try to get back in touch ASAP!

1. What are the best hotels in the Republic of Ireland? – I’m looking for a place to stay in the Republic of Ireland and I’d like to know what the best hotels are. I want somewhere luxurious with great amenities, comfortable beds, and excellent views. Any recommendations?

2. Are there any luxury resorts near the Republic of Ireland? – Yes! There are plenty of luxury resorts near the Republic of Ireland. From luxurious beachfront hotels to hidden gems tucked away in lush countryside, there’s something for everyone looking for a special getaway. Whether you’re looking for an extravagant spa experience or just want to wind down with some fine dining and breathtaking views, you’ll find it all here.

3. How much does it cost to stay at a hotel in the Republic of Ireland? – Staying at a hotel in the Republic of Ireland can vary greatly depending on where you plan to stay. If you’re looking for luxurious accommodations, prices can range from €100-400 per night. On the other hand, more budget-friendly hotels may charge as low as €30-50 per night.

4. Is there an affordable accommodation option for families visiting the Republic of Ireland? – Yes, there are plenty of affordable accommodation options for families visiting the Republic of Ireland. You can find budget-friendly hotels and guesthouses in most cities and towns that provide a comfortable stay without breaking the bank. There are also many self-catering holiday homes, apartments and cottages available to rent across the country at reasonable prices.

5. Is public transportation easily accessible from most hotels in the Republic of Ireland? – Yes, public transportation is easily accessible from most hotels in the Republic of Ireland. Whether by bus or train, getting around during my stay has been a breeze. It’s great to be able to explore all the cities and towns without having to worry about renting a car!

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