Landmarks, Attractions and Places of Interest in Turkey

Landmarks, Attractions and Places of Interest in Turkey

What to visit in Turkey

is an incredible country filled with a rich history and culture. From the bustling cities to the breathtaking landscapes, there’s so much to explore in Turkey! Whether you’re looking for ancient ruins, vibrant nightlife or delicious cuisine, there’s something for everyone.

Start your trip off by visiting some of Turkey’s most popular landmarks like Hagia Sophia in Istanbul – one of the world’s greatest examples of Byzantine architecture – or Ephesus near Izmir – home to one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Admire sites such as Topkapi Palace in Istanbul

There are so many things to see and do in Turkey, Eurasia we couldn’t list them all but we want to highlight 5 popular places in Turkey to give you a feel of the country. If you think we have missed anything major or if your favourite thing to do in Turkey is missing let us know and we would be happy to add it to our travel guide.

Place of interest in Ankara

: Hagia Sophia in Turkey – : Hagia Sophia is a stunning landmark and must-see for tourists. Located in Istanbul, it was originally built as an Eastern Orthodox basilica in the 6th century AD, then converted to a mosque in the 15th century before being turned into a museum in 1935. It’s one of the most important buildings in world history and offers visitors an awe-inspiring look at Byzantine architecture. The best time to visit Hagia Sophia is during daylight hours when you can fully appreciate its grandeur and marvel at its intricate mosaics and domes that stretch over 100 feet high. Inside, be sure to take note of

Blue Mosque in Turkey – Blue Mosque is one of the oldest and largest covered markets in the world. Located in Istanbul, Turkey, it is a must-see for any traveler visiting this historic city. The Grand Bazaar is filled with thousands of shops selling everything from spices and jewelry to Turkish carpets and clothing. You can find anything you need here!

The best time to visit Grand Bazaar is during the day when all the vendors are open for business. It’s also a great place to explore late into the night as many shops stay open until midnight or later. There are lots of restaurants and cafes throughout so you

Grand Bazaar in Turkey – Grand Bazaar

Pamukkale is an amazing landmark located in southwestern Turkey. It’s best known for its dramatic hot springs, which have been used as a spa since ancient times! The white travertine terraces form from the calcium-rich waters flowing down the mountain and provide a stunning visual spectacle. Pamukkale has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its natural beauty and historical significance.

The best time to visit Pamukkale is during the spring or early summer months when temperatures are milder, usually between April and June. You can enjoy exploring

Ephesus Ruins in Turkey – Diocletian’s Palace the impressive arches and marble pillars that have stood for centuries. You can also visit the museum’s upper galleries, where you’ll find a large collection of artifacts ranging from ancient Greek sculptures to Islamic calligraphy. This is an incredible place to explore and learn about Turkey’s long history and culture.

Pamukkale in Turkey -Pamukkale can grab a bite to eat or just relax and people watch.

The Blue Mosque is another must-see attraction in Istanbul. This beautiful mosque was built in 1603 by the Ottoman Sultan Ahmed I and stands majestically on the banks of the Bosphorus River, offering breathtaking views of the city skyline. The interior is decorated with exquisite mosaics and intricate designs that will take your breath away. It’s best to visit early in the morning or late afternoon when it isn’t too crowded as this allows you to fully appreciate its beauty and grandeur.

Istanbul truly


Weather Turkey

When booking a holiday in Turkey one of the main things to look at is what the weather will be like when you get there. Due to these common weather questions, we have created a separate page talking about what the Whats the weather like in Turkey?This included a month-by-month breakdown of what the weather is like and questions travellers have had regarding the climate.

Food Turkey

The second biggest concern I and my team have when we travel is what will we eat! I am a big foodie and love to try everything I can the more unique the better. If you want to find out more about the type of food and cuisine in Turkey check out the food page (Whats the food like in Turkey?)

Hotels in Turkey

Finally, after reading about Turkey’s weather, food, and tourist destinations, you might want to spend some time reading about the best hotels in Turkey. Hotel information is always changing so please let us know if any of our reviews need updating and please feel free to share your stories and reviews from hotels you visit in both Turkey to help others on their travels. Also, feel to check out our hotel map from to quickly find a hotel in Turkey

The Capitol of Turkey is Ankara

When heading off to a country for the first time it’s always a good idea to read up on the capital city. and we have prepared a short guide about the captiol Ankara to get you started.

Stories and Reviews from Our Team/Clients in Turkey

Turkey is a place of incredible culinary tradition and the food I had here was nothing short of amazing. On my first day, I tried borek – an oven-baked pastry made with thin sheets of filo dough filled with cheese and herbs such as parsley or dill. The flaky crust was light and crispy while the filling melted in my mouth like buttery velvet.

Next, I sampled some köfte – traditional meatballs flavored with onion, garlic, pepper paste and spices such as cumin and paprika. They were earthy yet flavorful; tender but still held

Do you have a story to share about a visit to Ankara or Turkey? We would love to hear about it and add it here! Please feel free to comment at the bottom of this page or fill in our contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions About  Ankara, Turkey

Here at Tuchman Travel Guide, we are always trying to help if you have a question about an upcoming trip that our site does not answer just leave a comment below and we will try to get back in touch ASAP!

is a beautiful place to visit – what are the best hotels in the area? – The hotels in this area are renowned for their comfort and luxury. From rustic cottages tucked away in peaceful forests to grand resorts on the beach, there is something here to suit everyone’s taste. Many of the hotels have world-class amenities like private pools, fine dining establishments, and spa services. If you’re looking for an unforgettable stay with all the trimmings, then I’d suggest checking out some of these top-notch accommodations!

What kind of amenities can I expect from hotels in Turkey? – I’m excited to stay in a hotel in Turkey! I’ve heard they offer great amenities. What kind of things can I expect? Will there be comfortable beds, cozy lobbies and tasty breakfast options? And will the staff provide friendly service and helpful advice about nearby attractions?

Are there any budget-friendly hotels near the major attractions in Turkey? – Yes, there are plenty of budget-friendly hotels in Turkey near the major attractions. They offer comfortable rooms and great customer service at a fraction of the cost compared to more luxurious options. You’ll be able to save money while still experiencing all that this vibrant country has to offer!

What do people recommend as must-stay places when visiting Turkey? – When visiting Turkey, people highly recommend exploring the incredible landscape, experiencing the unique culture and staying in some of its stunning accommodation. Must-stay places include beachfront resorts along the Mediterranean Sea, luxurious mountain lodges with breathtaking views, and boutique hotels tucked away in historical villages. From luxury glamping to calming spa retreats to traditional Turkish homes – there’s something for everyone!

Is it easy to find public transportation from most Turkish hotels? – Yes, it’s quite easy to find public transportation from most Turkish hotels. You can usually find a bus or taxi stand nearby that will take you wherever you need to go!

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